How To Leverage The Internet While Working From Home

How to utilize internet marketing during lockdown

Did you wonder about the difference between rich people and poor people? If you haven´t read a personal finance book of all time “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, I recommend reading it in order to see the world differently and learn that word “rich” is not evil.

You don´t have to be rich to start a new business or learn new skills.
You just need to learn to overcome fear of failure, change your mindset and grow.

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Now, let´s talk about how to start online business staying at home.

If you are like most people, you have concerns about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting and will affect your employment in the long-term and the short-term.

If anything has become clear during this crisis, it´s that relying on a 9 -to-5 job and living paycheck to paycheck is not a sustainable way to live.

Many Americans are seeing for the first time just how unstable their financial situation truly is. Something positive has also come out of the coronavirus pandemic´s effect on the workplace. Many people are considering starting their own small businesses. Some have even been able to find hidden financial opportunities within the crisis. Now, the goal is to take those opportunities and turn them into a profit.

Looking for Unique Online Business Opportunities in Light of the Pandemic

The first step is to find something that you are good at or that you are passionate about and figure out how to offer that product or service for sale online or promote online to be an affiliate.

There are several phenomenal opportunities, ranging from search engine optimization consultant to social media consultant to e-commerce retailer. The nice thing is that many people who are laid off or who see their jobs disappearing in a short time have developed skills that were valuable to an employer and now they need to offer those skills to others.

The key is finding your niche market. It´s unlikely that you will create an e-commerce store that will rival Amazon anytime soon.

But, remember, there is an audience for everything. If you like something, you better believe there are other people willing to pay for the same thing.

Finding unique opportunities and tailoring your online business to a niche market will help you separate yourself from other brands and build your credibility and expertise. Research using social media and other tools and then create a product or service that you can sell online.

Your Online Business should provide a Solution to a problem

When building your business, think about your current skill set and ask yourself, what problem can I solve? Next, visit online forums and look at the questions that people are asking about the problems they are having within your are of expertise.

Identify potential competitors, visit their sites, see what they are doing to fill the demand, and try to identify areas where they are not adequately providing for their customers.

Turn to social media and create a website. Both of these are powerful tools that can be used to market your new online business. Write copy that sells you as an individual about your business and your service and shares that copy and on your website.
The copy your write should include strong guarantees, a sense of urgency, and a call to action.

Besides highlighting the folly of living paycheck to paycheck, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have given us the time to think and plan. Use this time wisely.

Identify your niche market for your online company. Determine how the service you would provide will fill a need. And market yourself with the creative copy on your website and social media. Soon, living paycheck to paycheck may be a thing of the past for you.

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Matea Dragosavljevic
Member of the SFM & DEA

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