What Could Your Ideal Day Look Like?

Nowadays, most people live the life they have to live.

Get up in the morning, eat quickly, or get a cup of coffee, go to work, and trade 9-10 hours for someone else.

If you are still in the Rat Race, your daily routine depends on your traditional job, whatever you do for a living.

Have you wondered what could your day look like, on your terms? Society goes to school and becomes an employee, earns money, and pays taxes. Take a moment and ask yourself: “Is that really you wanted in the end of the day?”

Let´s get clear. Let´s say when you get up early, go to work, trade your time for a company you work for, and get back home in the evening, there are almost no time and energy left to do things you actually want to do.

Over time, people become overstressed, unfulfilled and unhappy with their lives and they begin to regret.

When you´re working for other people, the reward for hard work is usually just more work. You also tend to be given more of the work that you´re good at, even though it´s not necessarily working you enjoy doing.

Here is one of the success stories in the community I have joined. His name is Dan Holloway, he had been earning good money but….he wasn´t fulfilled. Watch the video below

And money is a poor measure of success. There is plenty of rich people in the world who are miserable. The reason they are miserable is that they are not financially educated, which means the school didn´t teach them about money (please read Robert Kiyosaki´s personal finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.)

As I got older, I realized that the main thing in life is freedom and happiness. Now, most people wanted freedom and independence. So, the system decided how every day looks like. Shouldn´t a weekday be filled with things that either make me happy or move me closer to the goal?

To have more days like those, I needed to know what those days should look like.

I really hated the fact that a job allowed me to work and trade my day not having control over my time. It´s not hard to understand. Your time is limited.

Your time is limited, so don´t waste it living someone else´s life.

When I compare my ideal day, to the jobs that I needed to work for a living, none of those themes were present in the typical day. There is no job title or college degree which can describe my ideal day.

You have to become inspired and wake up to ask yourself what do you actually want in life, what´s your goals… Are your goals being stuck in the old job, believe your employer and government? Believe in yourself instead.

Because, at the end of the day, it´s you. You´re the owner of your life, not someone who gives you a limited monthly salary.

What makes your real ideal day look like? Perhaps you don´t mind a long commute or you prefer to spend your weekends hiking in the wilderness. There is no right or wrong.

The most important thing is to find out what you desire. To maximize your career and achieve a happy life-work balance, you need to know what you´re striving for.

If you feel confused because 99% of the population work for money, for a living, putting bread on the table… and you think: “But if I don´t have a job, what else should I do in my daily routine? How I´m gonna pay my rent, food, other living expenses?”

We all are trained to work for money. The bad news is that people are not able to see the real truth, some kind of Matrix. The good news is that you can create your ideal day yourself + money can work for you, 24/7/365 days in a year. In today´s digital world, it´s never been easier to earn money online.

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