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Why 85% Of People Hate Their Jobs?

According to the latest Gallup Poll, 85% of the people in the world hate their jobs, which means if you pick about 10 people, 9 people will tell you that they hate their jobs. Perhaps they think they feel good at work, e.g. in Sweden, most people use to say: “Jag trivs jättebra i mitt arbete.” translation: “I feel very good at work”.

But the truth is…no one can feel great at work. Perhaps in the last 20th century, when our parents and grandparents have been working hard for money until retirement. Today, in 2020, we can not rely on a job.

Let´s face it! So many people are still working the old way, selling time to a boss every day to get a salary in return. When you get back home in the evening, there is almost no time and energy left to do the things you really want to do.

And over time people become unhappy with their lives and they begin to regret they did nothing about it at the right time. Thankfully though there are much better ways to earn money available online in today´s digital world.

So, why is this 85% statistic so high?

Well, there are actually a large number of reasons as to why employees might be feeling undervalued or overstressed at work. Perhaps they feel good at work but feel trapped at the same time because they have a fear.

Here are a few reasons why people might be feeling unhappy in their jobs. Those causes might include:

1) Overstress – stress is a big issue. There is so much to do in full-time with pressure. Too much work can make people overstressed and tired.

2) Lack Of Job Opportunities – lack of jobs was a big issue in the last decade. Especially for millennials born between 1981 – 1996. For instance, I am one of them, millennials born in 1989 who experienced a lack of job opportunities. And so other people of my age! There are so many millennials worldwide, unemployed or have college degrees struggle to find themselves.

3) A Poor Attitude – a poor attitude from an employee can create bad air at work. If they are not willing to have a passion or a burning desire at work, there is no salary which will make them happy.

What´s Holding Them Back

You probably think that if you hate your job, you´ll find a better job. Well, good luck with that during pandemics!

When the coronavirus hit, 26 million jobs disappeared in 5 short weeks. Several millions of people rushed to set up their home offices for remote working. But I think that everyone felt the truth – jobs are fragile. You are the mercy for your employer.

What is that keeping them from leaving? The option to leave your job might be available but something else could be holding you back from making the right choice.

Fear of being wrong

A lot of people have fear and worry that decisions they make are wrong. They think that something is bad or they will fail. What if I tell you...that failure is part of success. The thing is that schools thought you not to make a mistake and nothing about life skills. Most successful people had failed many times before they succeded.

So, with the right knowledge, you can overcome the fear of failure.

Fear of the unknown

For most people, change is scary. “What if I fail?” “What should I do if I do not work?” Well, if you never try, you never try. If you don´t want to change, you´re not gonna change. If you really want something you never had, you have to do something you´ve never done.

For instance, I have met so many people in the traditional world selling their time for someone else´s happiness with a big fear: “What if I lose this job?” “I´m afraid that they will reject me one day because it is tough economic time globally” “Í am afraid of job loss” “I don´t know way out if I quit/lose my job”.

Now, those fears are completely normal. People use to have fear of failure. Fear of losing money, fear of learning new things, fear of not seeing what they have never seen before.

So, anyone who has the courage to step out of the status quo (your financial security in the hands of an employer) actually overcame a fear of failure.

As we live in a digital world, using smartphones, tablets, Ipads, and laptops daily, we can utilize that technology and a communication tool – the Internet.

Here is how I got started to use the Internet in order to learn new skills online

I discovered an online business education that helps other people who have the courage to create life on my own terms. All I needed is a working computer, a decent Internet connection, and a commitment to achieving my goals.

So, my goals are very simple: time, freedom both financial and geographical. Work from anywhere you decide, travel whenever you want just because you don´t need to depend on your employer anymore.

And, that is actually why people deeply want, but they have fear because they hate their jobs and they feel trapped in the Rat Race.

“Most people work all week to get to the weekend. A few work all weekend for years to get to freedom.” — a statement by Robert Kiyosaki. If you never heard for Robert Kiyosaki, copy>paste his name at Google 🙂

So, if you feel tired, stressed after long hours working without any time and energy left at the end of the day, without any passion in a job you do for a living…I can help you to change that!

The reasons why people hate their jobs are massive. But, there is a solution…

Whether you are dissatisfied with your job or employer or you´re looking to make some extra income, you should find your passion for freedom.

This is how I have created this website where you are reading this post 🙂 And, without any prior experience, without any technical skills, joining to the SFM online business education I got free access to:

1) Tools

2) Training

3) Resources

4) Community Support to help me succeed in the online arena – why serve a business until retirement when you can learn to create a business that serves you!

That all being said, I´m happy to share a Free Training you can register today below

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I warmly hope that this can be the right solution in your need and searching for answers why so many people hate their job.
The most important thing is to change yourself, think as an entrepreneur rather than think like an employee. Because…entpreneurs don´t need to chase money in traditional jobs, entrepreneurs create jobs.

The good news is…everybody with the willingness, committment, effort, patience can become entrepreneurs + Internet entrepreneurs which is more easy in today´s digital world.

I hope I´ll meet you inside my community soon! 🙂

Stay safe!

Dedicated To Your New Life,
SFM Essential Member
Founder of Matea Digital Lifestyle

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