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How You Should Get Up Early In The Morning And Change Your Life

You probably know you´re wasting your time and laying in bed and you´re being lazy, you know it whether it is 6 o´clock or 7 o´clock in the morning. It´s crucial to start the cycle of waking up early by waking up early.
Success is not convenient, you have to do what is required to accommodate success holding the line maintaining the standard giving no slack none. That´s the discipline.

There are opportunities that are going to come your way and there might be some other things going on and you have to make a choice.

You need to ask yourself the question: What do you want?
If you don´t know what you want, nothing else matters.

For instance, questions like: “How I am going to use my time?” Is it meaningful, is it in the direction of where I´m going? Is it productive, is it profitable?

When you know what you want and why you wake up at 5 am in the morning?

One thing that discipline does help you with is that it helps you get things done. When it gets things done, you wake up and saying: “I´m going to pursue what I want!”

Remember how many times did you hit the snooze button? Because you hit the snooze button, it´s holding you back.
The reason why 99% of the population doesn´t get up early is that most of them say “I´m not an early person.” Get there and start changing that. Excuses are usually because there is a lot of things you don´t want to do it. Stop being lazy.

Getting up early is not only an incredible advantage, because most of your competitors are asleep, but if you get up early- congrats! 🙂

Getting up early is a great gift to give yourself.  For instance, I have been in the same position before. I said to myself: “I´m the laziest person I know.
But I don´t want to do it anymore. I want to change it. And I changed it. I started to wake at 05.00 am in the morning.
After all, if you know what you want, that´s where the passion comes from.

Remember, those minutes, more time you´ll get, will put you in an infinitely better place physically and mentally if you maintain the discipline.

You can live on 6 hours sleep, so you have 18 hours.. what are you doing with your 18 hours? If you work 9-5 and that´s 9, then you have spare time to do what you want.

Everybody has the same amount of time. If you don´t have time, you should make time because gratitude is the number one to become successful.
That´s what the average person doesn´t understand.


I know, it´s not easy.
Those who have easy first, they´ll have hard later. Those who have hard first, they´ll have easy later. But it´s worth it.

Greatness is the most demanding mistress you´re going to encounter and I understand, the message I´m about to give you is NOT for everyone. Most people should probably stop reading this.

But if you´re going to stick with me, if you´re interested in what I write in a positive way, you probably want to change your life, you want to find your true passion and stand out from everyone else.
Do you want to do more than other people think as possible? If that´s the case for you, then understand…

If you really want to start, build and grow an Internet business, get skills, become financial and geographical free, at the end of the day, if you want to be able to do something, remember the only thing that will separate you from the crowd is to give yourself completely.

Like Franz Kafka said: “Don´t Bend. Don´t water down. Don´t try to make it logical rather follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”

Can you do that?
Can you occupy yourself to change your life?  

Will you look at the world and ask yourself: “Am I actually making a change?” Are you prepared for that…because if you are, there is nothing you can´t do.

If you´re willing to take that responsibility on to transform yourself into a new lifestyle, if you getting yourself over to getting where you want to be, then, my friend, you´ve got a chance.

But you have to burn into it, to get those skills, you´ve gotta constantly wake up and understand exactly what it is you´re building towards your goal…if you can push yourself to the level that it doesn´t matter what others think, then the world will bend to your will.

In this article, I would like to share how to wake up at 5 A.M. every morning:

⏰ Get An Alarm That Works For You

When I first started using alarms, I used them to try to cheat sleep. When you use alarms this way, you end up waking up groggy and tired because you didn’t get enough sleep in the first place.

If you don´t want to end up hating your alarm, make sure you set the time to the time after you want to wake up.

🌅 Choose A Morning Routine

A morning routine not only prepares you for the day, but it mesmerizes you. I was extremely tired before I have chosen a morning routine. After, I felt awake and excited.

Even after waking up early for months, I still have trouble getting out of bed without my morning routine. I tried to skip it a few times, but it felt wrong — as I understood that my morning routine is gratitude for life.
Honestly, it would be a shame to sleep over the entire life.

💪 Understand What You Gain

When I first started to wake up early, I didn´t consider why I should do so. I asked myself: “Should I only wake up because I have to go to work?” Then I answered: “No, a job doesn´t have to be a reason to wake up early in the morning.”

I´d wake up early no matter a job or school.

But let´s be optimistic what you´ll gain:

What you gain
You can do whatever you want, read a book, write notes or research, and start a business. Most successful people get up early, e.g. Apple CEO Tim Cook starts his mornings at 03:45 a.m., Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey has been known to rise at the crack of down.

Benjamin Spall, author of “My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired” and finding editor of has spoken with hundreds of successful figures about their morning regimens.  “It’s not a coincidence that all of these people these people have routines,” he tells.

I hope that my today´s article will inspire you into your new morning routine, towards your goals.

Cheers! 🙂

Warm Regards,
Matea Dragosavljevic
SFM&DEA Member

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