Overcome The Fear Of Starting A Business

How To Prevail Your Fear Of Starting A Business

There may be many things keeping you from starting your own business. Fear is a sensitive subject. People are always looking to avoid pain, so scratching the surface of their fears is a great way to take action.

I´ll give you an example.

The Fear Of Finance – About Losing Money

Having a fear of losing money is a scarcity mentality, and it reveals itself as a feeling that you don´t have the finances necessary in order to live a life on your own terms, the life that you desire.

By that means, a fear of losing money, which is saved while working hard for that money by trading your hours to someone else – the employer is a completely normal emotion or reaction.

A common emotion that you never have enough money by saving money and working a job in order to live a life on your employer´s terms is what 99% of people feel.

In the words of Robert Kiyosaki, “Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.” 

If you´re starting an online business, but have a fear of losing money, don´t worry. There is nothing to fear 🙂
From the moment you have started in digital business, you´re a step forward from someone who never tried or didn´t have the guts to try different things in life.

You´re on your way, never give up, and believe in yourself.


Where do you even begin?
Getting started in online business is tough because you´re making a change in your daily routine. Most people have jobs and a regular life they are managing already.

There is a huge amount of detail to think about and process to put in place. If there is one trait entrepreneurs have in common it’s the ability to set goals.

Start by identifying what your overall company mission is, and build smaller, achievable tasks that serve as stepping stones to reaching that mission.

If you´ve been thinking that entrepreneurs are perfectionists, remember that everything doesn´t have to be perfect to start testing versions of your products, someone else´s products to promote, start building your own website, and talking about your business to anyone who will listen.

When you´re starting a business as a side hustle, it´s extremely important to set up realistic goals. Most people have regular life or stay at home during pandemics, and getting started into a digital business can be overwhelmed because you´re making a change in your daily routine.


Let´s be clear, desire and passion can take you so far in business, and without being financially stable, the business will stall.

A key element here is to identify and build a community on the Internet. No one can do this alone, right?
Your community should be made up of a few groups – investors, passionate customers, and partners. By identifying people who are excited about the work you´re doing, your support system will solidify quickly.


Getting into online entrepreneurship, the line between personal and professional life is a bit hard already, but it´s impossible to start a business without wondering how your family, friends, and Facebook feed will react.

Gratefully, with the right support system, running a business doesn´t have to be a stop on your personal life.

Your ability to focus on family and friends while keeping sales rolling is essential.
Make sure to surround yourself with partners who understand the need for balance – and who won´t make you feel bad or judge about also living your life on your own terms.

You´re on your way to pour the majority of your time and effort into starting a business because if you don´t it will be difficult to succeed.

What will happen to your relationships and personal life?

According to an Entrepreneur.com survey, 57 % of people living in the USA have had at least one idea for a business solution or product.


There will always be uncertainty when starting your own business or pursuing any dream you have. Vulnerability and questioning come with every decision we make in life, but what separates achieving the dream of running your own business from sitting on the sidelines is to become able to jump in and take the next step.

As an early person in entrepreneurship, you can let the fear of failure stop you, but you don’t have to. Instead of worrying about what could happen or avoiding the situation as a whole, jump in.
Embrace fear with a calm disposition, and you’ll ready yourself for a profitable future as a new business owner.

If you´re someone who struggles with your worries and you´re fearful of starting a business on the Internet, I´ll be more than happy to help you navigate what and how you can conquer your fear of start-up business asap.

I hope this post helps you in your digital business world.

Stay safe and…
Warm Regards!,
Matea Dragosavljevic
SFM&DEA Member


If you have any questions related to your struggles in starting an online business, don´t be afraid to contact me here.

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