Improving Life Habits

5 Habits For Improving The Quality Of Your Life In 2020

How To Improve The Quality Of Life?

Do you find yourself feeling overworked, stressed, tired, unfulfilled, and frustrated on a daily basis? Do you feel like a zombie waking up each day to the same repetitive cycle that seems never-ending?

When it comes a daily basis, working day in and day out, has the quality of the standard life decreased over time, resulting in a loss of time, energy, and meaning for the future?

5 Lifestyle Tips To Improve Your Life
Lifestyle Tip To Improve The Standard Quality Of Life

“In order to change your life, take control of your life, by that means – take control of your habits.

In a lifetime, we all get unfulfilled, frustrated, overworked from time to time. Life can be really overwhelming, even for the most like-minded individuals. If you don´t understand where our lives are headed and why they´re headed there, the tough times can be overbearing.

However, life doesn´t have to overwhelm, and it most certainly doesn´t have to stress. You can improve the quality of your life by making a few small changes to your daily routines by accelerating your behaviour and your way of thinking – mindset.

Keep in mind that you´re not alone; we all go through long periods of anxiety, worry, stress, fear and frustration on a daily basis.

Sometimes, the quality of life has more to do with the foundational habits that we run on a daily basis. You can improve the quality of life on multiple ways.

What´s holding you back? Are your bad habits in the circle day in and day out standard living holding you back in life? First I wanted to define the quality of life.

Definition Of A Quality Of Life

If you thought that the quality of life is equivalent to your standard of living, you´re wrong. Don´t get me wrong, I just want to make you realize to get into better lifestyle.

Quality of life is the sum total of your health, joy and leisure, happiness, and vitality. This helps to paint a better image of the overall quality that people are subjected to. Many people simply define their quality of life by the amount of money they have.

Money is not a full equation

Money does make the world go around. This is because of money the general medium of exchange. Money that makes the world turn, not nobility or love. It highlights the fact that our society is heavily dependent on money.

However, in today’s world, we are all too preoccupied with the notion of acquiring wealth, so much so that other aspects of life that are equally important are neglected. 

Though, people with access to money and resources aren´t statistically that much happier. An increase in income only equates to a temporary improvement of happiness.

By temporary improvement of happiness means that running for more, and more money will get you nowhere. Money has to be a tool to use so it can work for you instead.

Have you thought about your past? Perhaps you received promotion you were waited for a long time or you landed a dream job. For a short period of time, you were happy. But not so long.

Happiness doesn´t last forever. While money does give you access to “things”, there is a reason for a quote:

“The best things in life are free.” The Best Things in Life Are Free The Second Best Things are  Very Expensive Coco Chanel Quote Typography Poster Wall Decor Motivational  Print Inspirational Poster Home Decor: Handmade

Improving Your Life

There are certain ways that you can positively influence the quality of your life. It´s obvious for people to increase their things like income than say increase their health, happiness, or vitality. You either have more or don´t have.

The important aspects to the quality of life are happiness, health , leisure and vitality. How can you improve those?

Good Habits Increase The Quality Of Life

If you find yourself overstressed, unfulfilled, unhappy in your standard circle of life, overworked, and you want to improve the quality of life, you must do so using positive, good habits.

Eliminate bad habits and create good habits in your daily basis. You can do so even part-time besides your current job.

But it´s easier to say than done, right? Don´t worry, I´ll help you navigate further.

My point is that it takes to change and transform your life through the standard daily routine.

By that means, there are small integrative behaviours to existing routines that helps to boost the quality of your life in the long term.

Think about a ordinary life, working a day job. Working day in, day out can be really stressful and unfulfilled. A job is actually short-term, because you have a limited amount of monthly salary and you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Now, good habits help to foster an increased level of health, income, happiness, vitality and leisure. It won´t just happen overnight.

Here are the top 5 habits to help improve the quality of your life:

1) Happiness Habits

When it comes to level of happiness, there are a few habits that you can utilize on a daily basis to boost your overall level of joy.

#1 – Daily Gratitude

You can always find something to be grateful for. Spend 30 minutes every single day listing off what you have to be grateful for. It can be your family living abroad, friends, boyfriend you share your life with.

Even you feel like you have nothing to be grateful, search for something you think is meaningful. Perhaps you´re in a financial trap, but at least you have your mind as an asset and the ability to walkt, talk.

In a daily life, oftentimes, people use to dwell on things that they´re unhappy about. But, you can change that. Be thankful the universe every single day for all that you have in 7 days of your life.

Put it out there in the world and make it a habit.

# Meditate

Have you tried to meditate? Meditation doesn´t have to be a religious experience. If you simply practice the art of meditation, it will boost your overall happiness, decrease overworking, stress, ease anxiety and pain.

All it takes is 15 minutes of mindful meditation to achieve this habit. Sit quitely and be present. Avoid thinking of the past or the future. Find meditation that you can follow videos on Youtube.

# Smile, even when you´re stressed

If you feel overstressed and frustrated, smiling helps to send a strong impulse to the mind, which then alters your neurochemistry.

Studies have shown that people who were told to hold a genuine Duchenne smile on their faces had lower heart rates after stressful activities.

If you can´t force yourself to smile, just put a pencil in your mouth and naturally your mouth will help you to engage a standard smile. Try this for 15 minutes per day. Even at job try to smile more, you´ll feel better.

# Daily Learning

I talk about learning on the Internet. Forget the traditional learning like go to school, go to college. That´s the old system.

The good news is that you´re reading my post online and everything you can learn is on the Internet. You just need to find the right e-learning platform to learn what you want to achieve.

Learning is cricital for our happiness, but it also affects other spectrums of life´s quality as well. It allows you to grow, mature, and gain experiential knowledge of the world.

If you have a dream to achieve, learning allows you to ultimately achieve your goals and dreams by laying the groundwork for your personal and professional life.

Find a video tutorial, blog post, or anything else that you enjoy using as a learning resource. You don´t need to commit to huge blocks of time. Learn every day up to 30 minutes doing this. This habit will help you to become a much happier person as long as you do a little bit of learning every day.

2) Health Habits

These are daily habits such as visiting the doctor or dentist. You should make at least these top health habits each and every single day to improve the quality of life.

# Eat Breakfest

You´ve probably heard it before: “Breakfest is the most important meal of the day.” And it´s not life. Your body needs a health, balanced, and nutritional breakfest to help it operate optimally throughout the day. Don´t rob it of that.

Studies has shown that women who skipped breakfest at least once a week were at a higher risk of developing Type II Diabetes. By eating breakfest, studies have also shown that men had lower incidences of heart disease.

# Drink Water In The Morning

Everyone knows the health benefits of water. Human adult bodies consist of up to 60% water, the brain and heart consist of 73% water, and the lungs consist of approximately 83% water.

But, we don´t take in enough water. In general, most people tend to get water intake from sugary sodas, coffees, and other unhealthy drinks.

# 10,000 Steps

Perhaps you can´t exercise every day. But you can do much walking, that you walk at least 10,000 steps. Walking 10,000 steps has extraordinary health benefits. In fact, studies have suggested that walking 10,000 steps per day helps to decrease your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

You can change up your routine, for instance, if you walk from an apartment to the train station. Do what it takes to hit your 10,000 steps per day as your goal.

# Brush & Floss Teeth

This might not seem like a must-have health habit. But it actually is. The benefits help to stave off gum disease, which can result in even more serious illness as heart disease.

3) Vitality Habits

If you work day in day out, the amount of energy that you have in a given day has a lot to do with your habits. That´s why people with poor habits tend to have lack of time, energy and vitality.

# Time Management

Time management can be achieved by creating lists and building tasks for the day based on their order of important and urgency. This includes the elimination of bad habits such as procrastination, over-watching news, over-scrolling the social media, and so on.

# Inspirational Input

What´s your inspiration? What motivates and inspires you to make your goals and dreams come true? One of the best ways to add vitality to your life is through daily inspiration.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through imagination. Pictures are worth a thousands words, and by hanging those photos somewhere you´ll see daily, you can help to inspire and motivate you towards your dreams.

# Get At Least 7 Hours Of Sleep

Yap, this is the old one. You´ve heard this before. So many important functions take place in the mind and body when we sleep.

Are you tired and suffer from not enough sleep?
Most people suffer from sleep deficiency, that has an overall effect on the mood, health, mental well-being and energy.

Multile studies have suggested that not only does sleep help to improve things like memory, but it also helps to increase awareness, and encourage creativity.

4) Income Habits

How much income do you actually want to make? Whether you want to make a thousand dollars per month, or a million, by developing good income habits help you to drive towards those goals. Here I wanted to share a few most popular income habits you need to implement on a daily basis.

# Set And Review Goals

This is one of the best habits that you can have towards the pursuit of your monetary goals. Setting goals and reviewing goals daily is crucial to achieving your income goals.

Pursue the goals tha are important to you, and make sure that you build checklists to help you accomplish what you want over time.

# Save 20% Of Your Income

Many people work and save money until retirement. This money isn´t just for emergencies; it´s moment-of-opportunity cash. That money needs to be used when the right opportunity for investment presents itself.

At least 20% of your income should be saved, in order to build up your funds for investment opportunities. Set up savings accont to automatically deduct the funds from your personal account every time you get paid.

By that being said, I would like to recommend to search Robert Kiyosaki online, that you can learn more about money and how to use it properly.

# Track & Audit Expenses

Can you tell how much you spent in a certain category of expenses last month? Most people can´t tell how much they spent, they know just how much money they make.

Tracking and auditing expenses should be something done on a daily routine. It´s important to know every penny going out the door.

For instance, 5 US dollars per-day latte habits equate to 1.825 dollars spent on a coffee a year. 20 dollars lunches out every single day equates to 73.000 dollars a year. Track and audit all of your expenses.

# Education

Without education, advancement over time in career and income becomes incredibly difficult. But I don´t talk about the traditional education, I talk about the digital education on the Internet.

According to a personal finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by R.Kiyosaki, the traditional education has nothing to do about money. Teachers teach you about to learn how to become an employee, to work for money. But never about money.

Education is one of the most crucial income habits that you can harbor. If you want to educate yourself in investments, to start a new business, even better.

Spend each day learning just a little bit, and over time, you´ll see extraordinary results.

5) Lesiure Habits

What do you do in your free time? What do you do in you spare time has a significant impact on the quality of your life. There are habits that you can use when you do happen to have time for yourself, maybe in the evenings, which will considerably improve your life.

# Do One Thing You´re Afraid Of

Take your leisure time to the next level by developing this habit. What´s your fear, what are you afraid of? Often, many people can´t get ahead because of how scared they are of something. Especially of losing jobs.

Why are you fraid of losing a job? Is it lack of money?Perhaps this time of pandemics makes a big impact just because most people lost their jobs. Fear and anxiety seem to be crippling to all of us.

Overcome your fears and force yourself to do just one thing you´re afraid of doing. Being dependent of your employer is the old way, but you can take control of your life and be your own boss online.

# Socialize & Network

It´s been said that79% of rich people spend 5 hours or more networking, whereas the poor spend 16% of their time doing so. Although, networking doesn´t necessarily have to be just for business, take an interest in other people´s lives and you´ll be surprised just how much it will come back to you.

# Get Organized

How do you organize your day? “Clean house, clean mind.” Take 5 minutes to clean up your desk, or simply to throw things away. You´ll feel better and find out how much your quality of life will increase when you get organized.

Getting organized is also about developing habits that will help to shape the direction of your life. Know where you´re going and make sure that you have a certain sense of clarity.

# Contribution

When it comes to contribution, I mean to help. Here is what one of the successful entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuk, said:

There are constantly work-related situations, usually when it comes to helping out someone who might not be the nicest person ever, when the people close to me will ask, “why did you help that dope?” That’s a great question. Why would I help them out?

“It´s the way I´m wired.”- said Gary.

So, Gary invested his time to help someone, that´s what entrepreneurs do.

Most people take their leisure time to themselves. However, to increase the quality of your life, developing the leisure habit of contributing will help to make an tremendous difference. By contributing, you´re sending a clear message to your unconscious mind that there´s more than enough for your to go around, both of your time and money.

Even if you don´t have extra money to contribute, contribute your time instead. Giving your time is one of the best gifts that you can give.

Make sure to spend some time daily searching out ways that you can contribute. If you´re going to contribute and help others to become happier and more successful version of themselves, then you´re going to achieve long-term success.

Final Thoughts

Ordinary standard of living refers to the level of wealth, comfort, material goods and necessities available to a certain socioeconomic class.

The quality of life on the other hand, is a subjective term that can measure happiness. Factors that may be used to measure the quality of life include: freedom from torture and slavery, freedom of working from anywhere in the world to become independent and not tied to one country, freedom to live on own terms.

Today I wanted to contribute how you can improve the quality of your life through habits. Because if you change your habits, you change your life.

I recommend to read a personal book “7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R.Covey

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P.S. If your goal is a pathway to increased happiness, fulfillment, and success, change your habits and improve the quality of your life, personal and professional! 🙂

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