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How And Why You Can Earn Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer

Starting High Quality Affiliate Marketing = How To Do It

Whether you have a job or not, why should you even think about affiliate marketing? Feel free to read more..

As I have written a lot of blog posts about starting an Internet business, work from home, and many others, writing part-time besides my job, I would like to share with you how you can make money online as an affiliate marketer.

First of all, if someone working an ordinary job can start an online business, so can you.

Let’s dive right in…

First, I’d start by answering the question, who is an affiliate?

An affiliate is anyone who signs up to promote other people’s products and/or services in exchange for a commission. 

That’s it! The next question I’ll be addressing is, how does it work?

I’ll take an example to illustrate this so you may better understand. 

Mia Weber signs up to become an affiliate for an online clothing eCommerce brand based in Stockholm, Sweden.

She decides to become an affiliate for the Clothing store because she sometimes shops with them and he is satisfied with their quality, delivery, and customer support services.

She then thought to herself, why not make money from this brand I actually love by becoming an affiliate for them? Especially given that joining the SFM affiliate program is absolutely FREE? 

She makes the decision and signs up for the program. She made the right decision!

After she signs up, the Clothing store then gives Mia a unique affiliate link for her to promote, and she promotes this link on her Instagram page and website. She makes a 40% commission on each sale that comes through her affiliate link. 

You see, Mia has a monthly expense of about SEK 12 500 inclusive of everything she needs. So what she does is to have a monthly sales target of 5 sales. Her favorite item from the Clothing is the Addidas s8 sneaker, she absolutely loves it! She ensures she sells a minimum of 5 pairs of these same sneakers each month to make a minimum sum of SEK 15700, 00 and this keeps her safe and happy through the month.

Meeting her monthly sales target isn’t a struggle for her because these babies are already in high demand and on top of that Clothing store is currently running a campaign to bring about more awareness and purchases.

Mia’s job is not to promote the Clothing store as the Clothing store already got that covered. However, it is her job to tell people about the benefits she enjoys from owning her sneaker. What she does is to give a review of this product inclusive prons and cons.

Her job is to promote her unique affiliate link leading to the sales landing page where people who are interested can purchase this item. This is exactly how she does it, she creates a review and then attaches this unique affiliate link to the review and promotes the review via paid ads and free traffic so that whenever people see her reviews and decide they want to get this item they go through her link and bam! She makes a sale.

Do you find this useful in order to start working from anywhere to earn more income and start a new business? Let me know if you do and I will do my best to answer them accurately…

Now, you probably wonder how to promote an affiliate link.

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Affiliate Marketing

How To Promote Your Unique Affiliate Link?

It is easy and straight forward. Focus on creating value around the item you want to promote. Here are ways you can do so, below…

  • Make a review video/blog post
  • Make a comparison video/blog post
  • Make a how to use video/blog post
  • “5 reasons why you should get this product” video/blog post

NOTICE: Videos get the most attraction. Start at Youtube if you feel comfortable in front of the camera. However, if you are a blog person like me then I can show you how to scale up fast to secure the bag as well.


Now, here are 8 reasons why you should consider building your online business around the affiliate business model;

  • You don’t have to sell to people. All you need do is create value around the product you want people to buy and put it in front of the right customer avatar (SFM got you covered).
  • You help people (and this your help will earn you money in return).
  • You don’t have to create something first. (you promote other people’s businesses and make a commission).
  • You are not a help desk. ( These businesses have their own customer support team that will handle further inquiries, all you need do is point them in that direction).
  • The commissions you earn are higher if you sell high ticket products/services… (DEA products are great!)
  • You can start for FREE.
  • You can start today!
  • When you don’t work you still make money via auto-pilot.

Do you want to create a better standard of life for yourself and your loved ones…a life of more income and time flexibility, join me at my free list below.

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Dedicated To Starting Your Better Life,
Matea Dragosavljevic
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