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Do you want to change where you are and get out of the rat race? Many people want success, but do they really want to work on it? Discover how to create a lifestyle you really want in a few steps!

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is to wake up.”

Remember when you were a child going to bed on Christmas Eve or the night before your birthday, and you were so excited you didn´t fall asleep for hours? And then the next morning, despite having barely slept, you woke up with that same level of excitement for what the day would hold?

I guess that is not the mood you woke up to this morning.

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Many people wake up overstressed, tired, and exhausted. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by what the day holds, or perhaps you start out the day positive about what you´ll get done but find that by the afternoon your plans have fallen apart and you can´t wait to get back home and collapse on the sofa.

Today I´m here to tell you there is a better way. But you´re going to agree to do the one thing. Agree to read this post all the way through and put it into practice to establish new habits.

Your answer may well be that you already know all this, or that you´ve heard it before.

If you know the answers, you´re not going to go out and explore new things. By that means, you´re not going to learn or grow.

You wouldn´t be reading my post if you had all the answers. So, keep an open mind when you´re reading.

So, what I´m going to cover here for you as a reader is that success is much more than people use to think. According to many successful business people like T.Robbins, R.Kiyosaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, success does include personal development in your life strategy.

Whether you currently have an ordinary job or not, success in your work, without personal growth, won´t lead to happiness.

And I´m pretty sure that most people want to be happy and successful. That´s what I´m going to share here- steps to start your day off in a positive way to create a better life.

6 steps to start your day and change your life:


Whether it´s making more money, losing weight, lack of freedom to do what you really love to do, becoming a better person – whatever your goal is, it´s simply not enough to just wish that you could change your life. The point is to be brave enough to actually do it.

Jim Rohn, author, and motivational speaker says: “Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development.”

Keep having the greatest positive impact on your life, at the forefront of your mind as you establish the habits that will propel you toward that goal.


It´s very important that you start the day in a positive way. You´re programming your mind as to how to approach the rest of the day, and you´re creating a positive expectation for what follows.

At the moment you wake up and start the day, the quality of your entire day is changing. There are some people that argue that how you start the morning is the most important thing you can do to change your life.

Honestly, since I started to read a lot of books, I warmly recommend reading a book named “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. This book is about to show people How to wake up each day with more energy, motivation, and focus to take your life to the next level.

By that being said, time is what matters. Most people come home from work, turn on the TV or spend spare time on social media, and their day is done. There is no recovery from that.

It usually becomes a routine. That´s why I´m excited to share a better start with a positive morning ritual.


Spend a few minutes listening to meditation and being mindful of what is going on within your body. Tune out the world and yourself. Part of meditation is training your mind.


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Seek out books that can teach you knowledge and skills to accomplish what you want, desire, and accomplish your goals. Building a habit of reading books have something to teach you, so it will be natural for you to seek out those with wisdom to help you through it.


Too often, people use self-lies as affirmations, or statements that are too general- “I attract wealth” or “I´m stuck on this job, I will never be happy whatever I do for a living”. These simply are not true, and saying them to yourself doesn´t make them happen.

If you understand what I state here, things don´t happen simply by saying or wishing them so. If you really want to make a change in your life and take the next step, this online educational program helped thousands of people around the world to start doing what they really love they created a lifestyle, both personal and professional.


There are a couple of ways to approach your morning ritual. One is to write what you want to accomplish, and the other is to write about what you´re grateful for.

Be specific and write it down what you are grateful for, or use your journaling time to set your priorities for the day and create an action plan based on affirmations and visualizations.

For instance, write down what you focused on in the affirmations and visualization exercises, which propels you into action.

Here I wanted to share the great ways how to enjoy and get the most out of your morning to enrich your life:

1) Prepare a heavenly breakfast

2) Find your passion if you haven´t yet. Successful people have a passion for what they do.

3) Start dreaming about your goal

4) Read a book

5) Learn a new language

6) Start a blog

7) Start working out, cycling, walking or yoga

8) Take an online course

9) Meditate 5-10 minutes in the morning before work

10) Start your own business from home

11) Make your life simple


Most people live day in day out, working hard, and get up in the morning without being aware of the reality. The thing is that how you start the day determines how the rest of your day will go, and you add up enough of those days that´s how your life is going.

It is absolutely not up to the world to make your life better if you find yourself stuck in the system having a desire to change your life.

Don´t get me wrong but I have the experience to change my thinking when I have started reading books about personal development because I realized that it´s only me who needs to change if I want a change. Many people suffer from their jobs and seek more money, freedom, and happiness, but they actually never do anything to change it.

You have to do the changing. Forget the TV news, social media, tough economy, or a competitive market. You have to work on yourself and make that change you want to see and achieve success.

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Happy Holidays And A Life-Changing 2021!!
Matea Dragosavljevic

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