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7 Profitable Online Business Ideas You Can Launch Today

Does pandemics hurt your job? This global pandemic is likely to impact millions of jobs globally. It will not only impact jobs but businesses too.

The Internet made it easy for many people around the world to think about the future and start a business, but what should you start? Discover the right online business for you to start with my list of the best online business ideas.


In today´s digital world, there´s no reason you can´t start a profitable business from the comfort of your home. There are benefits for people to choose flexible hours, people who like to travel can take their work on the go.

Running an online business yourself requires all the hard work of setting up a physical business, but once set up, provides freedom.

Along with this, I launched this website and blog besides my current job when I joined an online educational community that has given me the opportunity to start and launch my first online business from scratch. I didn´t have a clue what this is about and how people launch a business on the Internet.

And…honestly, I started to learn about the online world, marketing, and write on my site because I just felt that I don´t want to stay in the Employee position chasing salaries that will never be enough.

That´s all about how I adapted and started writing in 2020.

Now, let´s talk about you as a reader:

What are your goals in life? Do you want to utilize this time to generate new income streams?

If you wanted to make money with your skills or start an online business, this is the right time to start.

The great news is that you don´t even need skills, everything can be learned.

Considering this tough time, I have compiled some of the online business ideas for you:


Dog Grooming Services

These days pet grooming services have become a necessity for pet owners. This can be a booming business idea as many people like to adopt pets and get them groomed.

You can offer a variety of services varying from haircuts, massages, and even spa for pets.

Skills needed: If you love animals and like to take care of them, then you can invest in a pet grooming business. You can target pet owners in nearby areas and can also build a website to promote your business online.


Corporate Catering Services. Given that many of us spend one third… | by  CCSL | Catering Industry Ireland | Medium

With stressful lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits causing health issues, many people are looking for healthy options to eat. Starting a catering business that focuses on healthy food options can be a profitable choice.

Skills needed: If you are a fitness enthusiast who loves to cook, then this low-investment business idea is for you. You can try out healthy recipes that are easy to consume on-the-go and partner with offices to start delivering.


YLC Picks: Top 5 Yoga classes in English | Your Living City
Your Living City Stockholm

With all the awareness campaigns about strengthening your immune system, people have become more cautious about their health.

A business idea that focuses on helping people stay fit will never go out of business. And the best part is that it requires low investment.

You can also start your yoga and fitness classes online and ask people to subscribe to them.

Skills needed: To be a trainer, you first need to be a fitness enthusiast yourself. If you are fit and enjoy working out or doing yoga, you can share that knowledge with others on the Internet.


Work-from-Home Translation Jobs
The Balance Careers- Work From Home Translation Jobs

Despite the number of language-translating apps available in the market, a skilled professional translator is always in high demand. Translation jobs are expected to grow by 19% from 2018 to 2028.

You can easily find translation jobs online and start working.

Skills needed: To be a translator, you need to learn a language that’s popular. Some of the popular languages include French, Spanish, and German.


Medical Courier Services | Healthcare - Priority Logistics
Priority Logistics

Hospitals, clinics, and even people search for medical courier services to get the required medicines delivered in front of their doorsteps.

You should have the knowledge of handling medical supplies and you’ll also need a license. You can choose to hire drivers or deliver medicines personally.


Handmade Soap & Candle Business Success Story - YouTube
Source: Google, Youtube. Handmade Soap And Candle Success Story

Candles and soaps are lifestyle products that are not likely to go out of demand any soon. Many American citizens use aromatic candles in their homes.

Candles and soaps are also a big part of corporate gifting. If you have the right contacts, you can collaborate with small firms and gift shops to sell your products.

You can also sell your products online.


As a personal trainer, you should get experience and training. After all, starting a business is all about learning, never-ending.

Advertise your services in places where everyone goes, like restaurants and grocery stores. Having a website is a good idea–people want some privacy in their decision-making when it comes to getting fit.

Like I mentioned before that I launched this website with an educational online marketing company then I can not recommend this enough. Go for it!

People can go to your website and determine if your approach to personal training is an approach that would work for them. 


Are you ready to become your own boss?

Starting any business requires passion, determination, and hard work. And for any business to be successful, you need to deliver exceptional service quality.

And the best part?

You can now start a business without giving up on your full-time job. This can help you minimize risk and create a new income source.

Make sure to be a little bit creative, use any of these business investment ideas to get started. The idea you choose needs to align with your interests and skillsets.

Was my content helpful to you? Feel free to leave your own thoughts.

If you have questions about starting and promoting a new business, share them in the comments below. I’ll be happy to answer!


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