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6 Side Hustle Ideas In 2021

Move on a step closer to financial freedom

Have you´ve been considering the idea of starting your own business someday, even around your current job? Then you´re in the right place 🙂

If you still wonder what´s a side hustle, a side hustle is an entrepreneurial activity outside of your normal day job that generates extra income so that you can reach your financial goals faster.

It can be really daunting starting your own business to become your own boss. The most common questions are: What if it takes years to make money? What if I fail? What if you never make any money? What if you disappoint your loved ones?

Everyone has living expenses, so how will you afford to pay your bills when you’re in start-up mode? And, the most important question: what if don´t have enough skills, experience to be taken seriously??

Today I want to show you there is an abundance of opportunities out there. You know what? Starting a business, you don´t even need any previous experience or any technical skills to build a website/blog.

For E.g. right now you´re reading my post, and probably thinking what is this all about? I write about side hustle ideas to share value that will help millennials, people in the age 23 – 38 starting an own business on the Internet from scratch.

Although, I started writing this blog around my ordinary traditional job. By that means, it´s possible to start writing as one of the strategies besides the job. The fact that I haven´t had any experience in online marketing before, is proof that an average person can simply take action and start-up. Don´t get me wrong as a reader.

The reason for starting a new business comes from a lot of differences in today´s economy. According to Young people as a whole (those aged 18-36), earn less from their secondary source of income than older generations. 

According to CNN, more than 44 million Americans have a side hustle. Whether it´s a way to see if you can turn your passion into profits, or earn extra cash the gig economy has become an important part of our culture.

Do you have a hard time deciding what and where to start, as a side business? Here are some options you should think of:

1. Turn A Hobby Into Help

Are you stuck in your job? Do you prefer taking photographs, pet sitting, cooking, traveling, or organizing closets? These hobbies are a great place to start when looking to earn some extra income — you can build a business right in your own community and begin helping your neighbors right away.

By that being said, once things take off,  you’ll likely enjoy word-of-mouth referrals instead of having to spend money on marketing.

As successful entrepreneurs say: if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.

2. Online Marketing Program

 No matter your interests, from nail art to weight loss niches, there’s a digital marketing platform, community, company, and the entire program that will show you how to generate multiple streams of income and start a business from zero.

Even for people who have never owned a business before and are clueless about where to begin, this is the right place to begin.

Choosing a marketing program surrounded by successful entrepreneurs, with a solid product and strong track record, and commitment to growing your business, you’ll begin earning cash flow each month.

This path often works best for those with large networks who enjoy the sales process, as you’ll rely on your relationships to grow your business.
P.S. Hate selling? Don´t worry, no selling required at all.

3. Start A Blog

Blogging still easily has the potential of anything on this list. I started this blog in my spare time after coming home from my job working in health care.

This trajectory isn’t guaranteed with blogging, of course, but you get out of it what you put into it. You can grow your blog in the evenings, on your lunch break, and on the weekends.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, a WordPress blog hosted through the Six Figure Mentors community as their membership offers people without any tech skills to build and launch a website/blog. They do the hard work, set up and installation.

4. Start Consulting Services – Become Consultant

I remember when I signed up for an online educational program that technically helped me to launch this blog, and I had someone as a “business consultant” to get answers about a bunch of different questions I had. 

 As a consultant expert, you can get paid for your knowledge, with rates starting at $60/hour but averaging closer to $100-$300/hour.

5. Start To Promote Other People´s or Company´s Products And Services

If you promote other company´s digital products and services, you´re doing Affiliate Marketing.
Many of the internet people I met started within affiliate marketing and quit their jobs, probably wouldn´t have gotten their start online – they would be stuck in their jobs working eighty hours per week doing something they´re not passionate about.

Affiliate marketing is basically the fastest way for individuals without any business experience, or even any existing business knowledge, to get started in becoming self-esteem, and have the ability to write their paycheck from the comfort of their home.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it doesn´t require huge start-up capital like most businesses. I started to be an affiliate for the Six Figure Mentors community with just 97 US dollars paying membership.

To explain more precisely what affiliate marketing is, let´s start with an example:
If you take the offline world – if you think of it, every single day you walk into shops or retail outlets, there are products available for you to purchase. When you buy those products you obviously pay the vendor/shop owner. They get paid for the products, you get to take the products away with you, and that´s how we see traditional businesses done daily.

In the internet world, most of the business owners with products and services, including the like of marketplaces like Amazon, actually rely on affiliates to get customers through the virtual door.

6. Sell Things On eBay

There are no guarantees on the amount you’ll make, but this is one of the side hustle ideas that’s insanely easy to start because you can literally start selling what´s around your house.

I´d like to give you a few tips to get this side hustle up and running quickly:

  • start small by selling items for around $10 or less
  • watch what you spend on packing materials
  • sell what you know
  • learn more through online reseller communities, blogs, social media, Youtube channel


You know, there are loads of courses out there in terms of how to start a side hustle, how to start a business, how to create your own products, and how to set up everything up.

Most people want to get rich quickly and earn money fast. The reason so many people fail to get anywhere on the internet is that they fail to get setup. I assure you, don´t be one of them.

Now, there is no crystal ball that you can take to earn more money, and I see lots of so-called magic pills online. That drives me to produce lists like this. I want my readers to have the best options available.

Not all side hustles are created equal. Do your research, read the reviews, and find the best side hustle ideas to make your goals happen.

If you´re someone who wants to start a business but you don´t know where to start, please meet an online community that is passionate about changing lives. Fill the form below to get more insights.

P.S. If you have any questions, don´t be afraid to contact me here and I´ll be more than happy to assist you.

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  1. I love the idea around a side hustle! You don’t need to jump in feet first and give up your existing income, you can easily do something “on the side” and eventually turn your side hustle into your main income (if that’s what you want!). Agree blogging has potential but it is a long road! Which i am sure you know… good post Matea..

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