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Find A Way To Earn Money While You Sleep

If you want freedom, discover how to find ways to prepare for a future!

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Earn Money While You Sleep Or Work Until You Die

When it comes to traditional jobs working all day in day out, only for weekends, I was always thinking how is that society has to work so hard, but everybody claims that there is never enough money. 99% of the population, by that, means, poor and middle class, complains about money year by year.

It doesn´t make sense, I see that kind of hard, risky life. Living in fear, never solving a problem, thinking negatively, is not living with meaning, joy, and freedom, financially and spiritually.

Since I´ve read a personal finance book by Robert Kiyosaki, “RichDad PoorDad” and “Rat Race Escape Plan” by Andy Tanner, I have changed my mindset and started thinking from a different perspective about money, how money works, and how average people haven´t learned nothing about money in schools and universities.

Kiyosaki´s personal finance book has changed my mindset not only about money, how rich people teach their kids about money, and how poor & middle classes teach their kids about money, but also motivated me to search for how can I find a way that money works for me.

“When it comes to money, the only skill most people know is to work hard.” Most people only know one option to get more money. That’s working hard for money traded for time. That´s what the system wants.

Of course, you need to write, read, and get an education. But, after 17 years of education, you need a J.O.B. that stands so-called “just over broke”.

So, you get a job, much more dream job. You feel comfortable, get benefits, and wait for a few weeks of vacation.

The system needs people to work hard FOR money, without any freedom or happiness. Don´t get me wrong, but I believe that a monthly salary is a bribe to forget your dreams.

The great news is, you can change that. Changing your mind is the first step in becoming a better person.

For millennials, working and saving money ( like grandparents and parents has been living ) is not a financial free life.

I acknowledge that when I see people´s faces daily, I just see they are unhappy, depressed, and without any fulfillment in life.

So, society has simply approved that kind of life in terms of fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and being in the “comfort zone”.

After all, not everyone can have their wake up call, stand out, and change their thinking from employee thinking to entrepreneurial thinking.

Because everything comes from your mind.

“Remember, your mind is your greatest asset, if it´s trained well, it can create enormouse wealth.” — R.Kiyosaki

Whether you work or not, everybody has the ability to think from a different perspective and control their mind.

Now, everyone knows how to work hard and work for money. Let´s cover what means “making money while you sleep.”

5 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep

1) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically about delivering value.

To explain exactly what affiliate marketing is, let’s start with an example. Take the offline world ­ if you think of it, every single day you walk into shops or retail outlets, there are products available for you to purchase.

When you buy those products you obviously pay the vendor/shop owner. They get paid for the products, you get to take the products away with you, and that’s how we see traditional business done every day.

In the Internet world, most of the business owners with products and services, including the likes of marketplaces like Amazon, actually rely on affiliates to get customers through the virtual door.

For instance, if you found a new shop in town and tell your friends or family, that his new shop just opened and they have amazing products. The day after, they go to buy these products and the owner of the shop gets a nice referral from you – but you don´t get anything in return.

In the online world, within affiliate marketing, you have an opportunity to make referrals and make income for every single referral that you make through the system or business model called affiliate marketing.

2) Blogging

Blogging is a way, a tool to share your ideas, expertise your skills, educate other people about a product or company, spread brand awareness, and meet like-minded people.

How Can You Start Blogging?
If you´re a beginner, start with WordPress builder. It´s all about learning, I recommend to start getting skills if you´re a beginner.

To get skills for blogging, launching a website/blog, register to affiliate programs that will help you how to solve that kind of problem.

3) Webinars

You have probably got an abundance of requests “join our free webcast today”.

But there are incredible ways that webinars can drive company sales and growth. Webinars are a part of marketing strategy. Webinars are a great way to make money while you sleep and they are automated.

4) Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping is basically so-called Ecommerce, E-commerce is exploding. The best part of dropshipping is being done as a drop-shipping arrangement. That means that as the store owner you never actually have to touch the products.

At the moment when drop shipping is automated, you´re free that you wouldn’t normally experience while running a physical product store.

5) E-books

Have an idea for writing a book? Find a niche market and write a great book. The E-book can be sold on your own website/blog you can easily sell it on Amazon´s Kindle.

You can make more money ultimately in that way as well.


Since we use the internet and live in informational age, earning extra money or your whole salary, could likely solve a lot of your problems.

 There is an endless number of ways you can make some extra money.

Like I mentioned before, everything is in your mind, belief, and you.

If you´re someone who wants to earn money on the internet but doesn´t know where to start, join our network below:

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