Matea, online marketer

Hello, welcome to Matea Digital Lifestyle website.

I´m Matea Dragosavljevic. Matea Digital Lifestyle was launched to navigate people about how to launch an own online business without any level of experience, to take control in life.

This all happened because I decided to educate myself to learn new digital skills to get the training from the best and launched this website/blog and business. The thing´s not only about earning money online, but it´s also about transforming yourself as a person.

Why did I decide to learn new skills, starting an online business?

Let me describe myself a little bit. I come from a middle-class working family. I grew up in Croatia, graduated in Croatia, and have a college degree. But I actually never used that degree properly. After graduation, I moved abroad to Sweden looking for a job, a place to live, without some job recommendation or speaking the Swedish language, without any network or family relatives in Sweden.
As I wasn´t alone, I moved abroad with my boyfriend also from Croatia. We found jobs and learned a new language, but something was missing out. That was time and money.

And I really haven´t seen any meaning in starting to go to school/college start over in Sweden because every country has the same system. Every country wants you to become an employee, pay taxes and sell your time, work 40 years, until retirement.

In many years, most people worldwide struggle with time and money. People use to complain: "Life is expensive" "I´ll work hard to earn more money, but it´s never enough." "I want to travel, but I need to work a job I don´t like" or "I don´t have enough time..."

Research shows the more couples argue over money, the more likely their relationship is to break up over money or cause divorce in a marriage. I wanted to be independent time-and financially. By that means, not being tied to 1 city, 1 country, 1 job without any meaning, always being worried about money.

So, that´s also one of the reasons why I started my business, launched my website to help navigate people do the same thing. Without thinking to get anything in return. I also knew that I want to earn an unlimited amount of money, reach freedom.
I dreamed about more time and that money works for me instead.

The great thing I realized is:
- everyone has the same amount of time 24h/day, 168hours/week. A 60-80h/workweek takes a lot of time, how much time is left to do what you really want??

- the truth is that life is more and more expensive and that´s one of the reasons to find an opportunity that will help you earn more money online and start&grow your own business

- when it comes to traveling - with just decent internet access and a laptop, you can create freedom and change your lifestyle

One day, I was watching motivational videos on Youtube. An ad appeared to me. It was a woman who recommended me an education to learn how to start an online business and make money online. These ads I usually click away, but this one was something different.

It was about a video series that educate what are opportunities on the internet, and then I had to test the training for 1 month for a really good try on price. They offered me a money return if I will not be satisfied. I filled an application, submitted it, but...after 1 month I haven´t demand any money in return!

I came across an academy that offers, not only learn a new profession or making money online. It was also about transforming yourself as a person, changing your mindset from an employee thinking to entrepreneurial. There were also ready-made tools, courses, and training that enabled me to launch my website/blog quickly.
There is absolutely NOT a traditional job rat race where people just don´t want each other to succeed. There is a community where everyone helps each other to succeed.

I´m excited to share the same with other individuals to find real meaning in a lifetime. I just want you to succeed, like a community I mentioned. I hear from the members that they are so happy that they don´t need to work a day anymore.

If you´re an individual who wants to learn and get a real online marketing education, register for free 4-part video series now and get more insights!

Dedicated To Your Success,

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