Matea, online entrepreneur

Hi, my name is Matea. I have been within online entrepreneurship around my job in the health care indsutry working as a nurse in Sweden.

My mindset changed from an employee to an entrepreneurial thinking, outside the box since I have read "Rat Race Escape Plan" by Andy Tanner and personal finance book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.

I wanted a new lifestyle, to leave my job and live a freedom lifestyle never ever hold back on employers because entrepreneurs solve people's problems and money work for them.

I have been working on my personal development and happened to watch making money opportunity and starting an own online marketing business from scratch.

As no one can do the job alone, I needed mentorship, training and learn the online skills to learn more about affiliate marketing as one of the business models in online space. I have realized that everything is about mindset, learning process, effort, patience and hard work to become successful in the real life. Happy to share my experience using the SFM's online marketing system that gave me an opportunity to launch my online business around nursing as my target niche.

In 2020/2021 pandemics hit around the world. My mentors Stuart is sharing grate solutions to help people how to turn this crisis into an opportunity.

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