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Matea Dragosavljevic
“I believe in creating a meaningful life, having more time and freedom.  We all have some kind of gift that we can use to build a life we really want and love.”


Welcome to the Matea Digital Lifestyle page.

I am Matea, a believer in big goals in life, blogger, investor, and someone who is committed to helping navigate you into personal growth and help you to understand that you can invest your time by learning new skills to gain freedom, even side hustle. 

Thank you for visiting my site and reading more about me.

First of all, I don´t expect you to read my life history or the journey of my life so far. On the contrary, I would be happy to share my story in order to write about the opportunities you can get in the digital life we live in nowadays.

Ask yourself where you are right now and where you can be in 5 years. Why? Because no matter what you do, time is the most precious gift. You can make more money, but you can´t make more time.

When you trade your time long hours per day, you are giving a part of your life that you´ll never get back. Like in every business out there, if you put in the time and care enough, you will do something better to change your life towards your goals.

By that means, more freedom both geographically and financially.  In fact, you are probably here because you´re interested in improving yourself and do something more in life.

Second, a fact having a daily job or a business as a problem which stopping you from living the life you actually want… can´t make you fulfilled.

Therefore, if you´re looking for a well-educated business blogger sitting in a nicely furnished office, I´m not that person.

So, who am I?
About Matea Dragosavljevic

My name is Matea Dragosavljevic, originally from Croatia living in Sweden. In life, I have goals to succeed like everyone else. But my goals are not the same.  So I have joined an online educational company named the Six Figure Mentors because I wanted to grow personally and create extra money online besides my job.

But it is a big difference between having goals and having big goals. My big goals are simple– reach geographically and financially freedom and create cash flow. Better said, being able to work from anywhere without worrying about my next month’s salary.

So, I was born in Croatia, Zagreb in 1989. I grew up in a middle-class family.  Globally, society wants you to go to school, go to college, and get a college degree that defines your job position. So, I graduated in Croatia at the age of 25 getting my college degree.

At the age of 25, I decided to move abroad looking for a higher lifestyle than I had had in the country of origin. I emigrated from Croatia to Sweden with my boyfriend.  We have changed places to live about 5 times, jobless, not having contacts, and without speaking the Swedish language. It was the biggest challenge.

But…I never got a job position in the economy despite I have higher education. I got a job in health care instead. Still…if you follow the economy nowadays, I think that there is no job position which can make you completely satisfied.

So I was not completely satisfied and decided to find out another source…applying to an e-learning company with more skills and training to reach my goals.

After 5 years living in Sweden, I got sort of value as an employed person, willing to move forward to what I never got in beautiful Croatia.

If you dream big and want something bigger in life, you need to do things you never have done before. So I did it first when it comes to immigration. Nothing comes quick, taking a big step in your life takes time and willingness.

Anyway, after successful immigration, I began thinking about my life and future…and realized that relying upon a secure job until retirement is riskier than investing a little bit money in online business (in today´s new age world).

The reason I´m saying this is that in the new millennium, we never know how long a new job is going to last In the 21st century because we simply change from Industrial Age to Digital Age.

In a traditional world, most people struggle to get a job, move abroad looking for a better life in order to find a stable income, etc. But, in today´s digital world, there are lots of information and opportunities to earn multiple incomes, simply with Internet access and a laptop.

So, the point is…no matter you reached your goal when it comes to a job, got a long-term contract, and someone else will control your salary, control how much you will get in pension… sounds quite risky, right?

Well, if you ask me, I think that a traditional job can be replaced, but the online world can not be replaced. That is the point.

“Monthly salary is a bribe they offer you, so you can forget your dreams”.

Most people rely on traditional jobs like lawyers, office staff, nurses, doctors, drivers…so they still struggle financially, no matter their salary is high. People usually follow the crowd, do what others do, and fight for a better job, higher salary paying high taxes, trust that their country takes care of them. The reality is that even highly educated and highly paid people perhaps are not financially literate.

The thing is, most of the people chasing to become a doctor, an engineer so they can compete in the job market. Formal education will make you a living.

Here I want to share that online self-education will make you a fortune. By that I do not mean ” a million-dollar to get rich quickly“, I mean you need time to grow and learn at the beginning to get SKILLS to become successful online.

By self-education I mean that the Six-Figure mentor’s membership gave me access to an informative, helpful community where I´m never alone and never stop learning…there is always new information I get to get where I want. Information is key.

The Information age has come and gives us opportunities to find out how to use it by replacing your income with a new online income.

Now, most people are still skeptical in their minds about what happens online. Back in the 90-ties, no one predicted the Internet will be useful so much to change people´s lives.

Furthermore, I changed my mind as my biggest asset taking another risk in life (after immigration).

I invested my time in looking for a solution that trading time for money at work is not what I want…searching for various business models.

Because…trading your time every day, living salary to salary, someone else controls your salary and pension until the age of 70.  Shouldn´t that person be you?

Anyhow, after doing research in watching a lot of motivational videos at Youtube, I came across an advertising video where a member Erika Lindström from the same educational company shared her experience. Then I started to think about how I can make my life living on my terms just with my computer and Internet connection.

In searching for how to transform your daily job into an online job including freedom by working from home, no needed a huge capital or employees to start plus something I can do a part-time job until I replace my income.

After all, feeling like you do not fit in where you work now or feeling insecure in your career is a very good start to think about changing your life. So I did it, I found the right place, an educational company, the right community with different people in all ages who have been into challenges just like me…

The Internet is full of information and this is amazing educational company gave me a burning desire to grow, after all, I allowed myself abundance into my personal experience.

At the same time, if you´re looking for a business model that will make you rich quickly, I am not the person to work with. Rome was not built in a day.

Feel free to know that there is 3 kind of people I can help:

  1. Positive and enthusiastic people who want a better life, by that means more freedom than what they already have now. By positive I mean you need to stay calm, and if you are angry and frustrated from time to time, no results can be expected in any taken business.

  2. Individuals, couples of all ages who are willing to learn how to create a meaningful and fulfilling life, having a burning desire for a better life. By that means, work what you love and create passive income.

  3. Open-minded people who are willing to take a chance online from scratch willing to learn and grow personally in order to reach their goals.

What I have found that most people´s “reality” is a corporate 9-5 job. Think about it. Is that all you are capable of in your lifetime? Or is it you who decide when to take a few weeks off for vacation (enjoy the feeling of the business being automated where the money keeps rolling in)?

It is only you who holds the key to your true potential. And there is no school, college, or employer who can give you the education to teach you how to make your income flow…

There is an abundance of ideas out there. Find one and run with it!

Dedicated To Your New Life,

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