Hi, My name is Matea. I come from Croatia originally and emigrated to Sweden at the age of 25. Formally, we go to school, get a job, study at university to get a higher degree getting a professional title. Then we look for a high paying job in order to pay high taxes, by that means higher salary=higher taxes. Moving abroad made me a new person. After immigration, I realized that I simply have to take control of my life and prepare for my future. I´ve read a personal finance book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki and "Rat Race Escape Plan" by Andy Tanner. These books changed my mind thinking about money and how money works which the school system does not teach us. Whether I have a formal education which should have made me a high paid employer. I realized that a professional title or any job position will not give you how to succeed in life or business. After all, I decided to make money online and create a passive income. I really believe in a meaningful life and a life on my own terms. Therefore, I firmly believe in the Internet Laptop Lifestyle and I took an action and found an online education platform where I can start my own business from scratch. What I am saying that the Six Figure Mentors is an online educational platform that offers much more valuable and motivational e-training, tools, and services instead of studying at university in 5 years! The fact is...most young people in the 21st-century struggle to get a job, study to become what they perhaps don't want to become. It´s important to understand who you really are and what you want to be instead other people tell you what to do. Anyway, my story is that I emigrated jobless and homeless all the way to Sweden. I struggled to look for a job and place to live together with my boyfriend and we did it. The biggest challenge in my life was moving abroad in that way. But I believed in myself. I´m happy that I am a member of a helpful, supportive community where everyone can join for free with the right mindset and start living an online lifestyle in today´s digital world.

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Online Affiliate Program That Offers You 24/7 Recurring Commissions

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Free Online Opportunity Is Ready For You!

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Ready To Leave Your Job? Learn About Affiliate Marketing!

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